Pre-K classroom Teacher Melanie Barton

Preschool Playground Addition

NTS preschoolers on the new playground addition
Thank you to Josh Waller and Isaiah Casey for their work in making the newest addition to the playground!
NTS preschoolers on the swings

Cornbread Muffins from Harvest Fest

NTS preschoolers preparing baking pans for cornbread
Pouring oil into the mixing bowl
Cornbread muffins for our Harvest Fest. Thank you to PreK with help from 6th Grade!
NTS preschoolers lining baking pans with baking cups
Stirring the batter
A preschooler scooping up the batter and putting it in the baking cups
Another preschooler filling baking cups with batter

Preschool's First Siskin Day

A preschooler hiding under an outdoor shelter
A charging preschooler wielding a large stick
Another preschooler hiding under an outdoor shelter